Madron Gallery

Established in 2003, Madron Gallery’s extensive inventory of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and prints showcases the breadth and depth of art in the United States between 1890 and 1940. Known for its American Impressionist pieces, Madron also features an outstanding and constantly growing collection of modern and contemporary art, including artists such as Bernece Berkman, Aaron Bohrod, Dusty Folwarczny, Marc Hauser, and Abraham Walkowitz.

Newly established Madron Press seeks to further scholarship around influential but less widely recognized American artists. Robert Vonnoh: American Impressionist is now available for purchase online, and William S. Schwartz: Color and Coloratura will be released in the spring of 2021.

Please contact the gallery to learn more about upcoming events, publications, exhibitions, and new acquisitions.

Free Parking. Scheduled visits are required. Reservations may be made online. Please email or call to schedule evening or weekend appointments.

Image: Issachar Ber Ryback (1897-1935), Wedding. Oil and watercolor on paper mounted on canvas, 20 1/2 x 27 1/2 inches