COVID-19 Updates and Temporary Area Museum Closures


A note from the CGN publisher: 

As we are all highly aware, many public events have been or may be cancelled out of an abundance of caution because of Coronavirus. Most area art spaces will be closed temporarily in the interest of public safety and in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. In many cases galleries are closed or open by appt. only but they are reachable by email and phone. While everyone is committed to keeping their spaces clean and to keeping visitors safe above all, we advise you to contact galleries and art venues directly before showing up to visit in person. Most museums have announcements about their particular changes on their website.

At the end of this post is a list of area museum closures and art fair updates that we have been able to confirm as of 3/13/20. Most links go directly to the organization's own COVID-19 update.

We do encourage you to view exhibitions online! You have full permission, and probably time, to surf and scroll away. Many excellent shows that are installed in galleries now are also largely viewable from the comfort of your couch. There are even a couple of online-only auctions coming up at Hindman and Susanin's this month, so you can buy amazing art and antiques from home. We invite you to browse the endless amount of art on CGN's website and calendar, and to check us out on Instagram   

In honor of this extended home stay, we also came up with a short list of spaces that have enough content in their video archives to keep you entertained and informed for a long time:

Here is Part I

Here is Part II

Watch for virtual gallery hops next! 

Stay healthy, and please don't forget about the art, and the artists who create it! Keep the faith that one day soon all of these marvelous spaces and institutions will once again welcome us back in for amazing art and culture.

We will see you in the galleries again soon. 

– Ginny Van Alyea, CGN Publisher


Confirmed museum closures and art event cancellations that we know of (3/15/20)