Gallery Victor Armendariz

Founded in 2017, Gallery Victor Armendariz exhibits compelling contemporary art in  a variety of media by both established and emerging artists. Gallery Victor brings over 20 years of experience creating relationships with artists, collectors and institutions  and builds on a reputation for promoting thought-provoking fgurative art, museum  quality works of Realism and Studio Furniture of exacting detail. 

The Gallery also provides outreach to the community in the form of educational and  social events designed to further the relationship between artist and audience. 

A section of the gallery called “The Studio” is dedicated to the creative process featuring an artist’s formative works and drawings, as well as the work of emerging  artists. Art is accessibly priced and presented to encourage the formation of an art collection for new viewers or those who wish to expand their collection.


The work of renowned steel furniture maker Jim Rose is always on view.

We offer consulting services, artwork on approval, and financing options.


Image: Painting by Albert Vidal, View from London House Hotel, Chicago, IL 



Past Events