Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

Intuit is currently closed for renovation and will reopen in early 2025.

Intuit champions the diverse voices of self-taught art, welcoming both new and familiar audiences. 

Founded in 1991, Intuit presents the work of self-taught artists, also known as outsider art—artists who worked outside the mainstream and may have faced societal, economic or geographic barriers to a traditional academic path of art making. The creative instinct is universal, and the arts must embrace, represent and be accessible to all.  

Intuit offers world-class exhibitions; a collection of nearly 1,400 artworks; the Henry Darger Room; resources for genre specific education and scholarship; and art education programs for people of all interest levels and backgrounds.  

Thanks to Intuit friends and the City of Chicago, the museum raised $7 million to renovate its facility.  Intuit looks forward to welcoming you back when the museum reopens in fall 2024. Learn about public programs at partner venues and virtual programs, and tour virtual exhibitions at

Photograph by Cheri Eisenberg of the exhibition “Looking at You From a Distance Not Too Far: Work by Marvin Tate” at Intuit.

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