EIGHT Exhibition Curated by Jeroen Smeets

Friday, Nov 9 – Dec 8, 2018

1023 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Line Dot is thrilled to present EIGHT, a new group exhibition of contemporary illustrators curated by Jeroen Smeets of Eight Gallery and the Jaunt. 

Illustration is one of the most versatile art forms and is quickly becoming a prominent and innovative field of contemporary visual culture. In recent years, talented illustrators have begun to traverse the boundaries between the illustration world and the art world, blurring the lines that separate the two. This new group show entitled EIGHT proudly presents eight pioneering artists who are navigating that liminal space between illustration and fine art. These leading creatives are continuously pushing their own boundaries and searching for new visual challenges and solutions. For this exhibition, each artist has contributed a series of eight original works on paper that capture their distinct style and visual language.

The EIGHT artists are:
Adrian Johnson (United Kingdom)
Andrew Watch (Canada)
Ellakookoo (Israel)
Hedof (Netherlands)
Kellen Hatanaka (Canada)
Marc David Spangler (Germany)
Ted Parker (Netherlands)