The DANK Treffpunkt is the art gallery of the DANK Haus German American Cultural Center, a nonprofit in Lincoln Square. Located in the new first floor expansion at the center, the DANK Treffpunkt supports the DANK Haus's mission of preserving and promoting German cultural heritage. Beyond the German perspective, the gallery also hosts artists from other immigrant backgrounds, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary exhibitions, and projects that engage with cultural diversity. Past exhibitions have included: Black Forest Peace Symphony, a solo show by Black Forest-based painter Beate Axmann; Living Memory, showing a selection from the DANK Haus's collection of oral history interviews; and 1 Cancer Patient, a show about women's experiences with cancer, featuring sculpture, paintings, screenprints, and a photography series by German Jewish photographer Warren Perlstein. 

Image: 1CancerPatient, taken by Rosa Gallagher