Mahogany Gallery

Mahogany Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Uptown Racine situated within the Mahogany Black Art & Culture Center. Mahogany Gallery features visual artists

in solo and small group exhibits in four spaces within the center. The gallery focuses on exhibiting the work, experiences art and historical narratives of Black and brown visual artists. 

The range of media the gallery and the cultural center presents is broad and encompassing painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and photography. Visitors will enjoy original works of art from artists from around the United States, and also view historical exhibits and artifacts about Racine County Black history. A visit to Mahogany will immerse the viewer in art, literature and history through the lense of the African Diaspora.

Artists who will be exhibiting their work at Mahogany Gallery in 2023 will include Rosy Petri, Nick Davis, Jawaune Johnson, Nehemiah Edwards, Scott Terry, Ashley Dallas and Stanwyck Cromwell. 

Mahogany Black Art & Cultural Center also presents an annual exposition, the Wisconsin Black Art & Culture Expo. The largest annual celebration of Black creative contributions during Black History Month in Wisconsin. 


Wisconsin Black Art & Culture EXPO 2023 –  ARTS. CREATIVITY. CULTURE

The EXPO is presented by Mahogany Black Arts & Cultural Center.  Racine County’s home for the preservation, research and exhibition of Racine County Black art, culture and history. The Expo is a two month long series of events and activities celebrating Black creatives and their contributions to the culture. A celebration of Black visual artists, designers, authors, musicians and other creatives in the Midwest and across the United States.

Image: Interior of Mahogany Gallery