ECHO : A Birdcap Solo Show

Saturday, Nov 16 – Dec 20, 2019

1741 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Our LAST show of 2019!!

Chicago Truborn brought you "The Catfish Ponds" which featured Birdcap and a dozen of his closest friends in Jan 18- fresh off the success of that show, we knew that 2019 would be the year of his solo show! From the Swamplands of Mississippi, Michael Roy AKA Birdcap returns to Chicago for his solo show debut at Chicago Truborn.

"ECHO" - words by the artist :

Echo was a nymph doomed by the gods to repetition. As an artist in a genre where repetition is almost necessary for brand awareness, and even further, as yet another artist going to the well of Ancient Greece for content, I thought it an appropriate title. We’re the cute sparkly eyed kids of Echo. We are of course constantly echoing out our own history as a society. In daily life we constantly play out the same dramas and comedies . Luckily it never dulls for us. It’s why we can watch eight iterations of the Batman in theaters. It’s why a Bart Simpson painting is always a hot commodity. It’s why tomorrow is the start of something. It’s why we’ll go and fall in love again. These are some paintings of some really old stories that I found myself in.


In 2009 Roy earned his BFA in studio arts from the Memphis College of Art, Memphis TN. His incredibly impressive resume boasts dozens of international gallery exhibitions and murals in countries like S Korea, Thailand, and Israel. 

His work and style is inspired by an international hodgepodge of mythological themes in combination with a dedicated nostalgia for the Saturday morning cartoons of his childhood. Taking visual and narrative cues from the places he travels, Roy’s work builds on the cultural accumulation of a transient life. Roy enjoys long walks in congested cities. 

This entirely new body of work spans from canvas originals to custom wood cut outs and wood block prints. A brand new limited edition run of silk screen prints will also be released at the show.

Two brand new in store mural installations will be revealed on opening night. Complimentary adult beverages available to those 21+. All of our opening receptions are free and open to the public!