New Exhibitions Start July 23 - 25

Methods and Manipulations

Begins July 23

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

Methods and Manipulations takes a close look at the visual culture with which Darger grew up and the source materials from which he drew inspiration and, in some cases, appropriated in his art. The exhibition explores how Darger used imagery from diverse sources—such as coloring book pages, newspaper and magazine articles, and paper dolls—and pairs select works by Darger with their source materials. The show highlights Darger's process and techniques with a special focus on select themes: his interest in weather, use of collage, incorporation of the panorama format in his works and creation of comic book scrapbooks.




Curtain Call

Opening: Saturday, July 24, 1 – 4 pm

Gallery Studio Oh!

Our last day of operation will be Saturday, August 21 from 11am-4pm. We are so incredibly grateful to our friends, families, artists and the whole community for their continued support throughout the years and for embracing our gallery and our mission. We will always hold very fond memories as we depart into new territories and opportunities. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!




Lorraine Peltz: Summer Bounce

Opening: Friday, July 23, 5 – 7 pm

Zolla / Lieberman Gallery

"Floral imagery is not new to Peltz’s practice, though in this latest series, flowers are rendered in a style far more realistic than she has used in recent years. Peonies, daisies, violets and lotuses are centered in her canvases, articulated carefully yet painterly, harkening to the still-life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. But, unlike the subjects of still-lifes, Peltz’s bouquets are not situated in a naturalistic environment or illusionistic space; her blooms sit atop geometric patterned fields. Defined in pictorial space in this way, Peltz’s flowers are not just images of flowers -- they are symbols."

- Robin Dluzen, 2021




A Composition of Memory: Andrea Coleman & Warith Taha

Begins July 24

FLXST Contemporary

Chicago-based artist Andrea Coleman and Oakland-based artist Warith Taha are paired together in a duo exhibition A Composition of Memory at FLXST Contemporary curated by Ciera Alyse McKissick. 

Both artists work intersect through themes relating to the distortion of memory and the construction of perception. Coleman’s use of fragmentation alludes to the process of remembering, while Taha’s act of covering points to a path of reconciliation for forgetting. 




ROA: Daltonism

Opening: Saturday, July 24, noon – 6 pm

Vertical Gallery

Vertical Gallery is very proud to present “Daltonism,” a special solo exhibition featuring new drawings by the enigmatic Belgian street artist ROA.

ROA is renowned across the globe for his monochromatic, nature-themed murals: towering, highly detailed portraits of birds, reptiles, rodents and other species native to the locations he paints. “Daltonism” takes its name from an alternate term for protanopia, the most common form of color-blindness — a fitting title not only given ROA’s career-long adherence to painting in black and white, but also because color-blindness is so prevalent throughout the animal kingdom.




Allison Wade: The Good Parts

Begins July 25

John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Constructed from unexpected combinations of handmade and found objects, Allison Wade’s tenuous sculptural works consider the intersection of flatness and form. Her practice relies heavily on balance and tension to explore the structural contingencies of where, and how, elements meet. These formal explorations shape Wade’s singular, idiosyncratic visual language, one that investigates the play between two and three dimensions and the connection between spatial and social relationships.