Alma Art & Interiors

In late 2021 Oliva Gallery and Architectural Anarchy debuted Alma, Art & Interiors, a large-scale exhibition that combined the sensibility of a living room with the prestige of new art. Bringing the spirit of the home to the gallery, Alma featured 30 Chicago artists in dozens of mixed media vignettes, from contemporary painting to metal work to antique furniture and more. The project has been extended into 2022 with new exhibitions, artists, collaborations and events taking place through at least summer 2022.

Using last year’s same, beautiful 9,000 sq. ft. 20th century loft space, Lynn Manilow of LKM Art Consulting has guest-curated the next installment of Alma alongside Alma founders Gosia Korsakowski and Kimberly Oliva, further showcasing Chicago and its compelling art scene. 


3636 S. Iron Chicago, IL 60609
Kimberly Oliva & Gosia Korsakowski
Sundays, 12–5 and by appt.

Current and Upcoming Events at Alma Art & Interiors