Alma Art & Interiors

Co-founded by Kimberly Oliva of Oliva Gallery and Gosia Korsakowski of Architectural Anarchy, ALMA Art and Interiors launched in November of 2021 as a pop-up gallery featuring local artists amid vintage and antique furniture. Due to its enormous success, they decided to stay and lease the space, creating one of the largest, most unique, and meticulously curated pairings of vintage and antique furniture with contemporary art.

The 9,000 square foot gallery floor houses dozens of vignettes combining the old and the new to help patrons visualize the pieces in space. In it, one can view an ever-expanding, rotating collection of local, domestic, and international artists—from emerging to late-career—in a plethora of media and format.

Open every Sunday 12–5 and by appointment.


Images: Jackie Kazarian, Tilde, 2022 (left); photo:

Yvette Kaiser Smith, pi Palindrome (1736371), 2018 (right); photo: Yvette Kaiser Smith.

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