Povos West Town

*Note: We are closed until April 2024, thank you for a wonderful year 2!

Povos is an artist-owned gallery focused on diverse local and international programming. 

Povos aims to act as a resource for all through carefully curated show production, free resources for emerging artists, and direct-to-community projects centered around the arts and education. Founded in 2020 by Chicago artist and art educator Lucca Colombelli, the gallery has produced 20+ exhibitions and organized 8 Fundraisers for local social action and education organizations. 2024 marks 2 full years of local programming, and the gallery looks forward to new partnerships, art fairs, and a residency organized through its platform.

Image: Installation view of Ashkon Haidari’s solo show, Under the Cherry Moon, September 2023. Photo courtesy of the gallery and Jake Ellerbrake.