CGN's 2021 News Highlights


As 2021 comes to a close, we wanted to share some of CGN's top interviews, features and announcements from this past year. 2021 began with optimism, and we're ending it amidst a somewhat weird yet familiar place where we navigate new areas of the pandemic but we are still keeping a positive mindset for 2022. We are proud of our 2021 coverage of the many artists, collectors, dealers and other community members we spotlighted during this challenging and changing time. 

2021 saw a return to more coverage of exhibition previews and art world announcements. We profiled some of Chicago's most prolific and interesting artists and designers, and we highlighted a few very special art collectors and their collections. 

Below is a chronological summary of 2021's CGN features. You can read all the news of this past year here.

Thank you all as always for your vital support of CGN and its mission. We look forward to sharing even more news and events with you in 2022. The new annual Arts Guide is out the first week of the new year! 

– Ginny Van Alyea, CGN Publisher



Olafur Eliasson Debuts New Lake Michigan-Inspired Cultural Landmark at Willis Tower – January 2021



Taking the Temperature in 2021: How Is It Actually Going in Chicago's Art World? – May 2021



June Preview: Art Auctions and a Return to Parties – June 2021



Frida Kahlo: Timeless, at the Cleve Carney Museum of Art. A Transformative Exhibition for the Glen Ellyn Community – May 2021



Hurvin Anderson's Artistic Translations at The Arts Club of Chicago – May 2021



Vibrant Art Enlivens a Home: Collectors Gary Metzner and Scott Johnson – June 2021



A Man Walks Into a Museum: For Tony Fitzpatrick, 2021 is a Return to More Than Before – September 2021



Stewards For Generations: The Neal Family's Influential Support for Black Artists– September 2021



In Pursuit of Bookish Things: Audrey Niffenegger on Building Artists Book House a Home in Evanston – September 2021



Pooja Pittie's Colorful Energy – September 2021