Hilton | Asmus Contemporary

With more than 25 years experience representing an international array of artists, Hilton | Asmus Contemporary,  (located in Chicago's River North Art District) is the partnership between veteran gallerist, artist and poet, Arica Hilton and her German-born husband, Sven Asmus.  

The gallery specializes in modern and contemporary paintings, works on paper, mixed media and sculpture with a special focus on photography.  Featuring internationally known artists from United States, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean Region such as Turkey, Greece, Italy, and the Middle East. 

Hilton | Asmus  FOTO,  curated by Arica Hilton, will showcase the works of a variety of artists from around the world. The gallery's mission is to exhibit prominent contemporary photographers, as well as emerging artists, showcasing a variety of subject matter and photographic techniques. From documentary/photojournalism to street and fashion photography, to landscape and socially-conscious photography that exemplifies the state of the human condition through the visual language photography offers.  

Image: Gallery image from David Yarrow, Wild Encounters, which opened at Hilton | Asmus on ​November 10, 2017