Ken Saunders Gallery

After 20 years in River North the gallery has relocated to Chicago’s West Town neighborhood, the city’s newest arts district.

The new space is located inside the Make City Incubator and features soaring 25 foot ceilings and 9 foot windows facing north. The gallery is directly across the street from the Gray Warehouse and one block east of Corbett v. Dempsey Gallery.

Upcoming: New Neon featuring, John Bannon, Sarah Blood, Jacob Fishman, Helen Lee, Jason Pickleman and Monika Wulfers.

A catalogue documenting the exhibition will be available in digital and print versions.


As of March 20, 2020 the gallery will be open by appointment only. We're keeping the gallery and our building clean and safe so that you can feel confident about scheduling a visit.


Is there an artist who you have always admired and who you would like to help?

Ken Saunders Gallery will share the proceeds of your commission at a 75 (artist)/25% (gallery) rate making the impact of your commission that much more meaningful to the artist. And, of course, you will have something truly special; a beautiful object that celebrates your generosity. Contact us.