Chicago Printmakers Collaborative

Featuring affordable fine art prints and works-on-paper by both local and international artists, CPC is Chicago’s longest-running fine art printmaking workshop, where gallery visitors mingle with printmakers as they create on the presses. CPC also offers classes in etching, lithography, relief, screen printing, and book arts. For over 33 years the studio has been a world class, professional destination for both printmakers and print enthusiasts. 

CPC’s gallery walls and flat files are home to the works of over 85 artists, including Hiroshi Ariyama, David Driesbach, Tony Fitzpatrick, Michael Goro, Susan Hall, Mirka Hokkanen, Teresa James, Raeleen Kao, Amos P. Kennedy Jr., Damon Kowarsky, Karen Kunc, Kim Laurel, Deborah Maris Lader, Carrie Lingscheit, Kumi Obata, Dennis O’Malley, Jaco Putker, Alberto Cruz, Jay Ryan, Jeff Sippel, Sarah Smelser, Kitikong Tilokwattanotai, Kouki Tsuritani, Nicola Villa, Art Werger, Scott Westgard, Cleo Wilkinson and others. Fine art prints can be purchased year round from CPC’s online store.

Thru Feb 11: 33rd Annual International Small Print Exhibition

Mar 18–May 27: Carlos Barberena, Atlan Arce-Witzl, CHema Skandal!

June 10–Aug 26: CLOSE TO TRANSPORTATION Summer Show 

Image: Top, (L–R): Sarah Smelser, Jaco Putker, Deborah Maris Lader, Cleo Wilkinson, Middle row: Karen Kunc, Carrie Lingscheit, Alberto Cruz, Damon Kowarsky. Bottom: Kouki Tsuritani, Octavia Thorns, Kumi Obata, Jen Farrell, Tony Fitzpatrick.

Past Events