Lily Pad | West

Lily Pad | West provides the finest quality realism, naturalism, impressionism, and abstract works of art. With over 300 works of art from 70 distinct artists, the gallery brings quality art from modern contemporary to art reminiscent of 19th century French and Dutch Masters.

Owners Alan Perlstein and Terry Hamann decided to open Lily Pad | West in Milwaukee in early 2015. Longtime appreciators of art, they started as collectors 40 years ago, with limited funds but a passion for art. Perlstein and Hamann’s friend and partner, Wivi-Anne Weber, had a great gallery in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, called Lily Pad | West, which the couple had supported for over 20 years as collectors. They decided they’d love to open a sister gallery in Milwaukee, which is how Lily Pad | West came to be.

Four times a year, the third weekend in January, April, July, and October, the city of Milwaukee hosts a city-wide gallery hop event called Gallery Night MKE. Lily Pad | West participates in these events with an artist in residence for the weekend, a temporary showcase exhibition, and new work from many of our 70 distinct artists.

Gallery Night MKE 2021 dates: January 15 and 16 April 16 and 17 July 16 and 17 October 15 and 16

Image: Lily Pad | West


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